Tutorial of How to Fix Samsung J-Series Cannot Read SD Card

Hi everyone. Lastday, I got a big problem with my Samsung J7 Core. My Samsung J7 Core cannot read SD Card. I don't know why Samsung didn't give any explanation about that on its support system.

Well, if you have the same problem with me, then what are you gonna do?

To fix Samsung J7 Core that cannot read SD Card or to fix android phone cannot read SD Card, you can do some steps below:

A. Try the simplest thing first

1) Unplug the SD Card from your phone
2) Try to clean up the SD Card connection port
3) Plug in your SD Card correctly
4) If it still not working, then try to restart you phone

B. Try the second option

The second option is you have to format you SD Card to the right storage format (usually, storage format for android phone is FAT32). In Common, SD Card has FAT format as the default. Then you need to format it to be FAT32. Follow the following steps:
1) Prepare you card reader and laptop / computer (we gonna use computer/laptop to format it
2) Plug your SD Card to card reader then plug into the laptop
3) After your card is read by the computer, then open your computer directory
4) Right click on the storage name (your SD Card name), then click on Format button
5) Select FAT32 on File System
6) Click on START button 
7) Plug into your phone again the SD Card that you've formatted.
Good luck! And if you have another idea, please share on the comment section below.
This article also can be used in how to fix samsung cannot read SD Card.
This article also can be used in how to fix android phone cannot read SD Card.
This article also can be used in how to repair SD Card that cannot be read in android phone. 

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